• Partners we love

    Here are some of the people & organisations we join forces with to support awesomeness in the world

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    Glenda Eoyang

    Glenda is a master of helping us make wise actions in complex adaptive systems. To see more of her magical work, check out Human Systems Dynamics Institute here.

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    The Inga Foundation

    Helping farmers currently trapped in destructive slash-and-burn poverty in the humid tropics to become thriving champions for soil restoration, biodiversity, resilient organic crops, and a transformed livelihood. To see more of their magical work, go here.

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    Charo Lanao

    She is awesome. More soon!

  • Humour with love as a sponsor...

    Eight years ago, I noticed that in addition to improvisation being useful in the climate challenge space, humour was required. When working with inherently scary climate predictions, we needed to add a lens of lightness and humour, so we could actually face what is here and then make beautiful choices.


    The humour I was seeing in the climate space did not seem helpful:

    • It made nature ‘the enemy’, exacerbating our disconnection with nature.
    • It obscured our connection with creating the problem. Or
    • It showed our connection with creating the problem but left us utterly hopeless and clueless about what to do next, creating an energetic THUD.

    The sponsoring energy of the climate humour I was seeing was fear and anger. And the impact of that humour created more of the same, or worse - it created apathy. If we want to make beautiful choices with our present moment, we need humour with a different sponsoring energy. One of love.

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  • Proud 'circle of friends' with the We Program

    Wildly talented people protecting human rights in factories and on farms.


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